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Established in 2001 with a vision to leverage the synergy of experience, enthusiasm, knowledge and good contacts in many countries all over the world to assist them in building their defense and security capabilities.




Original logo with the anvil in the middle symbolizes company’s will to  be based mainly on her own production and production of her allies.


The company currently operates in more than 15 countries, on four continents. Company activities are fully compliant with the laws of the Slovak Republic and international regulations.


We are proud of our activitites

Stefanik a Caproni book.jpg

We have supported the publication of a unique book about M.R. Stefanik pilot, soldier, diplomat. The book contains unique stories of his life. The book also contains unique historical materials about the origin of the Caproni Ca-33 aircraft. Travel and diplomatic missions around the world and describes his legacy to the present.

> You can buy this unique book here

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